Zuvva and Corporate Social Responsibilities

In order to involve those from disadvantaged communities in the training and business of Fashion,  Zuvva will be hosting it’s first Community Outreach Programme in Harare in January 2017. These Outreach Programmes will run quarterly, with the objectives of training ,development and empowerment of  disadvantaged girls and women in Zimbabwe through Fashion.

ZWS will be operating training through quarterly workshop to Fashion students, lectures and the public covering different Fashion related topics.

Fashion For Development

Fashion For Development (FFD) is a Corporate Social Initiative under the Zuvva Trust. Our aim is to partner with individuals and organisations to make training in the area of Fashion Design, Pattern Making, Garment Construction accessible to disadvantaged communities at no cost to the communities.

Listed below are some of the activities that FFD under the Zuvva trust has been involved in.

Fashion For Development Activities

Burkina Faso Ougadouga

Burkina Faso Ougadouga Presentation of a paper at the African Cotton Programme Conference in Ougadouga Burkina Faso. The Paper was addressing issues related to the importance of training in the cotton to clothing sectors regarding value addition in Africa..

Rwanda Kigali

The training of 40 women and 10 men under International Trade Center (ITC) and Rwanda Development Board.

Dutch Princess Corrina Elika Gibbs and Highlands House
Pistachio Cafe & Restaurant
Sharon Bwanya (Commercial Law from Zimbabwe)
International Coatings Company (Pvt) Ltd.

Training Disadvantaged Girls

Training of disadvantaged girls in partnership with Dutch Princess Corrina Elika Gibbs of Practical Princess Perfect Wardrobe, Pistachio Cafe & Restaurant, International Coatings Company (Pvt Ltd, Sharon Bwanya (Commercial Lawyer).

WearZim #LoveLocal

Zuvva Trust in Partnership with Chenesai Mangoma of Chenesai established WearZim #LoveLocal campaign. WearZim #LoveLocal Campaign aims to encourage Zimbabweans to wear apparel, accessories and footwear that is designed and manufactured in Zimbabwe by Zimbabwean Designers and Manufacturers based in Zimbabwe. This campaign aims to create jobs in the sector, promote local designers and manufacturers as well as promote the Zimbabwean identity in the area of fashion.

WearZim #LoveLocal is in the process of putting together an e-directory listing Zimbabwean Designers, Manufacturers and Retailers of local apparel, accessories and footwear for the benefit of all Zimbabweans in the country and in the diaspora.

WearZim Friday
WearZim #LoveLocal Campaign is also in the process of partnering with the public, private sector as well as Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe and in the Diaspora to encourage WearZim Friday. Wearzim Friday will be happening every last Friday of the month and Zimbabweans everywhere will be encouraged to wear apparel, accessories, footwear designed and manufactured in Zimbabwe.

Origin Africa Upscale Ambassador for Zimbabwe 2017

Origin Africa is the biggest trade show in Africa. It is African Cotton & Textile Industries Federation’s (ACTIF) premium platform to promote the African cotton, textile, and apparel and associated industries. ACTIF’s visions is to improve trade in and with Africa, raise awareness of Africa as a place to do business, and, as an increasingly important sourcing destination for international textile, apparel, home décor and accessories products; and bring the latest technologies, processes and best practices to the attention of African producers as well as be a voice for African Creatives in the UPSCALE initiative.