Zuvva School of Fashion

Education, Empowerment and Corporate Social Responsibilities

Having been involved in the Zimbabwean Fashion industry since 1994 up to now, I have had a deep desire to see the young talented Zimbabwean fashion students,  who cannot afford a quality overseas training and experience in Fashion,  receive that training in Zimbabwe at an affordable price this desire has led to the establishment of Zuvva School of Fashion.


Zuvva School of Fashion Product List

  • ZFC – Zuvva Fashion Club 
  • ZSC – Zuvva Short Courses 
  • ZWS – Zuvva Workshops 
  • ZFH – Zuvva Fashion Hub 
  • ZCF – Zuvva Certificate in Fashion 
  • ZDF – Zuvva Diploma in Fashion

In August 2016, Zuvva School of Fashion opened it’s door to the public by hosting a mentorship program for young and upcoming designers in partnership with the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe Pageant 2016, under Zuvva Fashion Hub- ZFH

ZFH is currently in the process of securing working space for young creatives to come together to share space, resources and ideas at the ZFH. The ZFH will be to the young creatives a Virtual Production Space, Office Space and Retail Space for those who currently cannot afford their own space and equipment, at an affordable rate.

In December 2016, Zuvva will be running it’s Zuvva Fashion Club programme with children from the ages of 8 years to 19 years. Registration for the ZFC is already in progress. ZFC seeks to get children involved in the business of Fashion from a very young age.

Zuvva School of Fashion is currently putting together it’s syllabus for the 1 year ZCF and 1 year ZDF, as well as the short courses’ project (ZSC) for those who do fashion as a hobbie.